Brain Asymmetry Experiment

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Distinctiveness between the right and left hemisphere of the brain Word Count: 995 Abstract The brain assymetry experiment is to investigate on the distinctiveness of the right and left hemisphere in the brain as each hemisphere has certain specializations. The experiment were carried out by initially asking the 25 participant on whether they were left or right handed and they had to choose the chimeric image which appeared younger to them. Laterality quotients were calculated in order to deduce the effect of the right or left hemisphere on visuo-spatiality as the participants had to make judgements on the faces. Right-handed individuals showed leftward perceptual bias compared to left-handed individuals, indicating that the right…show more content…
Lastly, the participants calculated their laterality quotien. Results The global average calculated is -0.134, including the data from 25 participants in the class. The negative value indicates that most of the participants are left-biased. The average laterality quotient of the right-handers is -0.22 while the average of the left-handers is 0.36, inclusive of both genders. The average for right-handers is a negative value, indicating that they are leftward perceptual bias. The average laterality quotient for right-handed females is -0.325 while the average for right-handed males is 0.022, demonstrating that right-handed females are leftward perceptual bias compared to right-handed males. The average laterality quotient for left-handed females is 0.36, indicating that they are rightward perceptual bias. However, there is no data provided for left-handed males, thus no conclusion can be made about them. Figure 3. Bar Graph with error bars demonstrating average laterality quotients of the participants Discussion According to the results, right-handed people are more likely to be leftward perceptual bias while the left-handed people are more likely to be rightward perceptual bias. Signifiying that right-handed people tend to choose the chimeric image in which the young qualities were demonstrated on the left side of the face compared to the left-handed individuals. Since the right hemisphere is more involved in making judgement of faces compared to the
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