Brain-Based Learning

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Brain-Compatible Learning Environments Jamilyn Hogan PSY 370: Learning and the Brain Lynsey Ulibarri July 18, 2011 Every student learns at his or her own level. When a teacher puts herself in front of a classroom she or he should consider all the different learning styles in the classroom, and should plan lessons to fit needs of different students. With brain-based learning (BBL) considered, a teacher can make lessons around different types of learners and therefore every student can be touched, and can be successful in the classroom. What is brain-based learning? “Individual differences observed in the acquisition and processing of information during the learning process result in style differences in learning.” (Duman et…show more content…
The first way that a positive learning environment can be put in place is through practices and procedures. These practices and procedures should be verbally gone over and also posted in the classroom. The practices and procedures should be put in place in the first days of school and re-visited often. Secondly, the physical surroundings are important. From the minute the students walk into the classroom for the first time, they should be able to look around and get an idea of what they are going to be learning about. Also of importance is to give attention to the classroom on a regular basis. The neatness and organization of the classroom is important. Students work and achievements should be posted around the room. (Veverka, 2011) Organization of the curriculum is also important to the learning environment. The teacher should not only have a thorough knowledge of the curriculum, the teacher should also be sure that the curriculum has plans to include all kind of learning styles. The students should be primed for learning. To prime a student for learning, a good attention getter should be introduced. Lastly, to enhance a positive learning experience, a team should be built. The team should include approved volunteers, other staff, parents and grandparent, and others willing to be a support to the students. Brain-based learning is very dependent of a positive learning environment, and steps for the learning environment
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