Brain Bender Research Paper

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Brain Benders A neuroscientist named Carla Schatz is a student from the the University of Stanford who is studying mice. Mice can recover from many injuries and diseases that would normally kill a common animal and person. For example if a mice can not see from one eye they can recover very easily. What sets mice apart are there superior ability to for neural connections or strengthen old ones. In many animals and people are MHCI proteins basically they are protecting your brain from infected cells. Humans need more of these to eventually have brains that are immune from many diseases such as ALS, Alzheimer's, and Schizophrenia. Schatz started that revolution of researching 15 years ago while going through genes coding for…show more content…
Shatz imagined if a mother's flu had her immune reaction to it would it disrupts MHIC’s action in her body. To answer that kind of question she would have to investigate how a brain work without MCHI’s proteins in their brain. The first anomaly was when completed her hunch that MCHI helps fine tune circuitry. The second anomaly was a shocker the mice responder differently to electrical stimulation in neurons with mice that are unpaired.In ordinary mice that were persritant low frequency simulation to the hppocampus weakens synaptic connections between neurons. High frequency however strengthens them. One important task was to find out how MCHI proteins deliver in the brain. The most likely scenario was that the molecules sat on a Postsynaptic, where electrochemical messages were sent. After this discovery there were struggling to find a molecule that could. In 2006 they found it it was called PirB partnered with MCHI in neural circuits. Shatz thought if the brain neither brain circuits have similar effects on the brain. That theory because of her post docs of past experiments. Carla Shatz is a great scientists contributing her time to MCHI proteins
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