Brain Death Senario

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Brain Death Scenario Andrea Farmer Grand Canyon University: HLT 520 July 8, 2015 As an administrator I would need to take into consideration the patient’s autonomy, autonomy is recognizing an individual’s right to make his/her own decisions about what is best for them regarding their health care (Pozgar, 2012). The patient’s rights always should be considered before any decisions are made by any other family members. In this scenario it is clear that the patient is unable to make any decisions, the patient has suffered a serious brain damage, and although it is not complete brain death, we must determine how to proceed. Unfortunately some of the family members have already began to express what the best course…show more content…
There is a greater risk from the physicians diagnosing death over the objections of the family and the attending physician than not diagnosing death without having the medical staff agree. Usually either patients or families have the legal rights to determine what medical course to take with the patient when it comes to the diagnosis of death, in this case the family's conflict needs be considered. The healthcare staff involved in the patient’s care must communicate with the family members during this difficult time. If the patient is determined to be dead, the family will need support from the health care staff that has been involved in the patients care, all available hospital resources, including medical, nursing, social work, ethics, and pastoral care will be a good resource for the family members. Lawyers will usually advise health care staff to work with the family in the most compassionate way possible, the lawyers should be there to help with any conflict between the family members, and this will also help the organization against any future malpractice suits against the health care staff and organization. Other actions that I would take is to discuss the patient scenario with the patient care committee, Pozgar states, “ The patient care committee reviews the quality of patient care rendered in the organization and makes recommendations for improvement of such care” (P.146). The
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