Brain Development : Understanding The Brain During The Apex Of Development

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Michael Shen
Mrs. Fill
Lit/Writing p.7
8 May 2015
Brain Development
Brain development research provides essential information leading to the success of our posterity. Understanding the brain during the apex of development, also known as adolescence, allows not only scientists but also parents to work towards an understanding of future generations. In this website, the effects of adolescence, the differences between an adolescent and adult, and the influences of environment will all be thoroughly discussed.
When adolescence begins, there are many psychological effects on the teenager. To begin with, there are many hormonal chang es involving large releases of hormones, which affect levels of hormones within an individual. The most noticeable change involves the social behavior of a teenager. During this time, a teenager may find him or herself in a fluster of emotions, unsure of what to think and feel about a certain situation. It is common for teenagers to experience negative moods such as loneliness, depression, and hopelessness during this time of change. In addition, adolescents will begin to struggle for independence and power. This overload of emotions often causes vulnerability, which can lead to peer pressure, and a chance of risky behavior. Furthermore, adolescents also respond to situations differently. The hormonal changes also affect responses to stress. Also, the part of the brain responsible for emotional response also changes during adolescence. Therefore,
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