Brain Development in Children Essay

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Technological advances in the past decade have allowed scientists to study the brain in ways that have led to new understanding about how young children develop. There is a new understanding of both the capabilities and the vulnerabilities of infants and young children and that understanding is has influenced the work of caregivers and teachers. During pregnancy, the basic architecture of the brain is formed. Although, certain experiences do influence the developing brain during pregnancy, such as maternal health and stress, intake of drugs and/or alcohol, and quality of maternal nutrition. Babies learn to talk by hearing language and having language directed at them in "conversation." Between 6-12 months, babies begin to fine-tune…show more content…
In humans, this period of elimination begins around early adolescence and continues until at least age 16. Because the brain is making so many connections pre-birth to age 3, the first three years of life are the most critical for brain development. After age 3, the "window of opportunity" closes. You're sitting here learning something right now aren't you?!! Although brain connector density is at its highest level in the first three years of life, that doesn't mean that the brain has its greatest brain power at that time. A great deal of learning goes on after the first three years of life. However, the first three years are important for laying the groundwork for healthy psychological development. Good nutrition is one of the best ways we know to aid in healthy brain development. It is important that families provide an environment that supports health in both lifestyle and nutrition. Good nutrition is important for both the pregnant mother and the infant. Pregnant mothers need appropriate amounts of folic acid and iron, and should avoid nicotine, alcohol, and illicit drugs throughout their entire pregnancy. The developing brain craves iron. Reading to a newborn infant is the best way to help a child learn to read in the future. It is important to recognize that what is most important is providing a language-rich environment for children.
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