Brain Exercise Analysis

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As I wrap up these brain exercises I come to realize that these techniques are really helpful. I also have gained some appreciation on how my brain works. While I realize that everyone learns different, being able to learn in your own fashion allows you to get to know your intelligence. What I mean is, I never really put my mind into things. I never would have thought I would make it this far with college. When I first started these challenges, I struggled for the first two weeks. I am proud to day; I have completed ten brain exercises. It may have taken me longer than others, but I did it. I did not give up. I kept going. Confidence is what helped me get through these challenges. I noticed that when I was confident, I would improve my score. Frustration got me nowhere. I feel like my brain has gained strength and has allowed me to become more alert. This is something that will not happen over night. It took me six weeks to complete these ten challenges. However, there are a lot more challenges, but I am pretty proud of myself to complete ten and unlock five more activities. I think me continuing these challenges are going to help the way I think and how I do things. Problem solving has always…show more content…
This will be a program that I will foster in my classroom. I would like for my students to come in each morning and do Lumosity activities so they can warm up their brain. I tried this method in the morning and it has motivated me in completing my homework. If I wait to do it at night, I become very lazy with my academics. I feel like when students complete these activities in the morning, they will be ready to learn and wide-awake. I know I was. I show more gratitude to programs like Lumosity. Tools like these have the ability to enhance student learning and improve test scores. I look forward to introducing this in the future to my
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