Brain Fingerprinting Technology

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Mandar Ghate
Department Of Computers, Padmabhushan Vasantdada Patil Pratisthans College Of Engineering Abstract— Brain fingerprinting is a new computer-based technology to identify the perpetrator of a crime accurately and scientifically by measuring brain-wave responses to crime-relevant words or pictures presented on a computer screen. Brain fingerprinting has proven 100% accurate in over 120 tests, including tests on FBI agents, tests for a US intelligence agency and for the US navy, and tests on real-life situations including felony crimes. Brain fingerprinting was developed and patented by Dr. Lawrence Farewell in 1995.

Keywords— Perpetrator, MERMER methodology.
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Brain Fingerprinting works similarly, except that the evidence collected both at the crime scene and on the person of the suspect (i.e. in the brain as revealed by electrical brain response) is informational evidence rather than physical evidence. There are four stages to Brain Fingerprinting, which are similar to the steps in Fingerprinting and DNA fingerprinting:
1. Brain Fingerprinting Crime Scene Evidence Collection;
2. Brain Fingerprinting Brain Evidence Collection;
3. Brain Fingerprinting Computer Evidence Analysis; and
4. Brain Fingerprinting Scientific Result.
In the Crime Scene Evidence Collection, an expert in Brain Fingerprinting examines the crime scene and other evidence connected with the crime to identify details of the crime that would be known only to the perpetrator. The expert then conducts the Brain Evidence Collection in order to determine or not the evidence from the crime scene matches evidence stored in the brain of the suspect. In the Computer Evidence Analysis, the Brain Fingerprinting system makes a mathematical determination as to whether or not this specific evidence is stored in the brain, and computes a statistical confidence for that determination. This determination and statistical confidence constitute the Scientific Result of Brain Fingerprinting: either “information present” (“guilty”)-the details of the crime are stored
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