Brain Injuries, Sports, And The Military

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Brain Injuries, Sports, And the Military
My topic of choice for this paper is traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injury is another word for concussion. I wanted to exhibit how this type of injury affects sports and the military. Sports and the Military are similar in that they can cause traumatic brain injuries. In this paper I will describe types of injuries, how injuries are acquired, and how to treat individuals with brain injuries.
Some of the types of head injury include a diffuse axonal injury, concussion (which is also called a TBI), and second impact syndrome. Strong rotation or shaking of the head as with Shaken Baby Syndrome is one cause of diffuse axonal injury. Car accidents may also be a cause of the injury (Brain Injury Association of America). A concussion may be caused by blows to the head, gunshot wounds, violent shaking of the head, or force from a whiplash type injury (Brain Injury Association of America). ?Second Impact Syndrome, also termed ?recurrent traumatic brain injury,? can occur when a person sustains a second traumatic brain injury before the symptoms of the first traumatic brain injury have healed? (Brain Injury Association of America). TBI?s cause an altercation of the brain function because of external force. Dr. Robert Lehr mentions that depending on what part of the brain the injury occurred it can lead to a variety of altercations in the brain function. If the injury occurred in the frontal lobes, patients will have difficulties…
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