Brain Injury and Multiple Stage Rehabilitation

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Does anyone ever want to experience something that is the number one cause of death in people under the age of 44? Would anyone want to go through multiple stages of rehabilitation just from one little mistake they made while playing for their high school football team? Brain injuries are a big controversy in society right now, but understanding why they're so common in youth sports, some statistics and what they are, and the treatment for them will change the outlook that some people have on them. Being educated on brain injuries in the world we live in is a must nowadays. What most people don’t realize is how often brain injuries occur. Brain injuries are the number one cause of death in people under the age of 44. Brain injuries occurs…show more content…
Someone who has had a head injury must undergo minor testing to detect the severeness of the injury; then from there they may have to experience further tests or check ups to correct the problem. There are multiple stages of rehabilitation that you can go through to help your brain return to its former glory. When you first get hurt you should visit the emergency room. From the emergency the patient will be emitted into the intensive care unit, or the ICU. In this location the doctors will stabilize the patients health. They can monitor his heart and run test while the patient is in the ICU. If they need help breathing then they can be put on a ventilator to help them maintain a stable heartbeat (“Treatment”). Once a patient is well enough and stable enough, they will be removed from the ICU and placed into acute rehabilitation. In acute rehabilitation nurses will help you get back to doing everyday life things. They help you get use to doing common daily activities. When the patient is well enough to participate in more intensive therapy, they are moved to postacute rehabilitation. This is more of a natural stage of healing. It is used to allow your body to regain its ability to survive on its own, without medical care. Someone who cannot handle the intensity of postacute rehabilitation, they get transferred to subacute rehabilitation. This is pretty much the same as postacute rehabilitation, but it is more like a nursing home

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