Brain Mapping

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Brain Mapping Kaitlin Pollock Brain Mapping The brain controls thinking, moving, or any actions that are taken by a single person. Actually figuring out how the brain works is a very interesting topic. One way they do this is by using brain mapping. Brain mapping is the study of the brain using imaging, and they use these imaging machines to make a map of the neurons and synapses in our brain to figure out why people are the way they are. The history of brain mapping is important to understanding how far it has come today. There are many different machines that are used to take a look at the brain. When treating a patient there are different ways doctors can go about using brain mapping. This field just as any other field, is…show more content…
Doctors would use the formal term of brain controlled prosthetics (Benedict, 2012). The goal of this is to get a computer to function by what a person is thinking. If they can make this work the possibilities are endless for where this will go. Brain mapping is all a part of this because it is what has brought us able to look at the close connections within our brain. With that being said, there are always new inventions coming out and competition to be the next best thing. One of the biggest grants has recently been approved to revolutionize ways to map the brain. “This grant is called Cal-BRAIN which stands for California Blueprint for Research to Advance Innovations in Neuroscience.” (Kiderra, 2014) The goal of this grant is to have innovation in the development of new technologies for brain mapping. The amount of money invested into this grant was 2 million dollars; therefore we are willing to go a long way to learn as much information as we can about the brains and the way the neurons are connected. By looking at this in deeper ways it will allow us to know why some behavioral diseases affect all of us. Some departments are already on their ways to revolutionize brain mapping with this grant! In conclusion, brain mapping has taken the world
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