Brain On Stress

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There is consistent medical proof that provides facts supporting the claim that choice can’t be argued in the majority of cases. Another recent article titled, “Allostasis and the Epigenetics of Brain and Body Health Over the Life Course”, written by Dr. Bruce S. McEwen, PhD, from The Rockefeller University in New York, deals with the topic of “The Brain on Stress”. Dr. McEwen asserts that stressful experiences are often the precursor to psychiatric disorders ranging from schizophrenia to anxiety and depression. His research shows that there is existing evidence which supports the theory that a person under a great deal of stress from traumatic events cannot control the outcome of their own behavior. Dr. McEwen explains what happens to the brain when it is on stress, “The brain perceives and determines what is threatening as well as the behavioral and physiological responses to the stressor, which not only promote adaptation (“allostasis”) but also contribute to pathophysiology (“allostatic load/overload”) when those responses are overused and dysregulated.” (McEwen,1)…show more content…
Sexual offenses are psychopathic crimes that cannot be necessarily tied down to one’s own decision making or a path already set for them. While society is so keen on creating the typical sex offender profile, one in most cases, does not typically exist. For law enforcement, this is definitely a disadvantage when tracking down potentially dangerous criminals; but nevertheless, they aren’t recognizable. “The research has consistently shown that there is no such thing as a sex offender profile. That’s because time and time again, despite attempts to identify a finite and specific set of characteristics that fits for all sex offenders, researchers continue to find that they are a diverse and heterogeneous population.” (Center for Sex Offender Management,
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