Brain Passion

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To be passionate means to have intense emotion or to have a strong feeling for it. A passion is defined as a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. When I consider my passions and what I am most passionate about, I think of the brain; learning about the brain, researching the brain, and trying to understand the brain. I have always wondered about the brain since my late elementary years. I didn’t really understand its purpose and thought that it was just a measurement of how smart you were. I learned about the brain briefly in science class but all that ever stuck to me was that it helped us make decisions- which was crazy because I also thought that you felt feelings in your heart. I tried learning about the parts of the brain, but discontinued it because the…show more content…
Our posture formed because of our back spine bone, but is actually regulated in the pons section of your brain stem. Even though we think that our life is regulated by our body in general and not by an organ, it actually is. Life, memory, etc. are all from the brain. My growing knowledge of the brain even helped me to stay composed even when I get irritated. I think to myself, “Okay, these negative signals are being sent to your hypothalamus and the signals of how you will react will be sent to your amygdala. It is not you, these feelings are just sent to your brain.” This helps me to almost take control of myself. I am researching the brain and using it in my everyday life. The knowledge of the brain affects me personally, which drives me to learn even more. I started my research journal in April, and continued the journal until today. I have very strong feelings for learning about the brain, and the research of it relates to me often that I feel connected to it. My utmost passion is learning about the brain, and it affects more than just my
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