Brain Structure And Basic Functions

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I- Introduction
- Brain Structure and Basic Functions
II- Memory
- Introduction
- Improve your Memory
- Memory Disorders
III- concentration/focus
- Introduction
- Improve concentration/focus
- Concentration/Focus Disorders
IV- Brain & Nutrition
V- Brain & Sleep
VI- Brain & Exercise
VII- Brain & Social Life
VIII- Negatives for brain health
- Stress
- Alcohol
- Smoking
- Drug Addiction
- Traumatic Brain Injury
- Cerebrovascular Disease Preface

The brain is the control center of the body. It controls the conscious and the unconscious body processes.
It is the center for conscious thoughts and mood , allows us to make decisions , think , feel and communicate with outside . It also controls the voluntary movements and regulates digestion and breathing.

Being a complex organ, it is difficult for us to understand how the brain works, how it controls everything in our bodies and how its function declines. Throughout many year , people try to solve the mystery of the brain . Many structures and functions of brain are now well known , but that knowledge is not enough to deal with that mystery.
We know that it is made up of neurons (about 100 billion nerve cells). Neurons are connected like wires in a giant telephone exchange.
Keeping brain health is a challenge as most of disturbances of the brain functions do not occur immediately but in a progressive way.
In this book, you will have some information on how the brain works , what affects the brain and how…
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