Braindead megaphone Essay

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George Saunders writes about human behavior with some modern and not so modern examples. He invites the reader to imagine themselves at a party where someone is speaking into a megaphone. Soon the focus of the party becomes the topic the megaphone speaker is flooding into the party atmosphere. Saunders also talks about new broadcast,he mentions a news reporter reporting busy shopping activity at a mall during holiday season . What a surprise! When picturing myself at George’s party where the megaphone guy spoke pleasurably about early mornings in the spring, my mind began to think about early mornings in the spring. How refreshing they are, school is almost out, they seem to be moist. Then I thought to myself “what if the megaphone guy…show more content…
These commercials featuring flavorsome char-broiled burgers with a delectable hand crafted bun sold at a local fast food joint appeal to me, they make me crave the product. This being said they achieve their goal to convince me I need the product they are promoting. Soon I find myself in line ready to purchase one of these fine burgers, I order a meal and anxiously hand the cashier money. I sit down ready to calm this beast in my stomach. I open the packaging to find a burger sloped together, it looks like a 2nd graders arts and crafts project. Soon I begin chowing down on the burger attempting to satisfy the craving. Halfway through my endeavor of the not so flavorsome burger I begin to feel disgusted. This isn’t the first time and it will probably not be the last. But why? Why do I fall for this multiple times? Maybe megaphone guy has drowned me with his brain deadness. Then I realized I’m getting dumber. Now I question myself why would megaphone guy want this for anyone. Well according to Saunders the megaphone guy is educated and the best of the best. “The best and the brightest among us the most literate and ambitious and gifted, who go out of their homes and off to the best colleges, and from there to best internships, and from there to offices throughout the nation to inform us.” The megaphone guy is not a bad guy he is more of a mascot. The megaphone guy is simply a person that went to a nice school
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