Brainology Rough Draft (2).When It Comes To The Topic Of

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Brainology Rough Draft (2) When it comes to the topic of having a growth mindset, most of us will readily agree that students who are praised are motivated to learn. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of how they are praised. Whereas some are convinced that praising students for their intelligence will motivate them to learn, others maintain that encouraging them for their efforts has a better impact on their motivation. My educational experience thus far in my life is anything but unique. My experience is likely to be similar with most students. School has occupied most of my lifetime because it is the only activity I participate in. Education is sort of like my full-time job. An educational…show more content…
In Brainology, Dweck labels the students who relish challenges as growth mindsets. Throughout high school I struggled with Geometry, so I found a tutor. This allowed me to put extra hours into studying and my grade and test scores improved. I took up the challenge and found joy in applying more effort in an area I was weak in to become smarter. I relished the challenge. At the same time that I believe students with a growth mindset are motivated to learn, I also believe that it is hard to bounce back when something doesn’t go as planned. When this happens, it is easy to give up and let it pass by. Although, persevering is just as easy. This is my second strength. Dweck praises students who stay motivated after a setback. It is impressive when a student bounces back after a setback, because not everyone stays motivated when faced with that challenge. For example, when I found out that my teacher misplaced my homework packet I was devastated. Although it was only for a few minutes. Immediately after going home that night I completed a second homework packet to replace the lost one and turned it in the next day just in time. I was surprised with myself and so was my teacher. He praised me for being resilient in the face of a setback. In the discussions of Brainology, one controversial issue has been that fixed mindsets think intelligence can’t be earned through practice. On the one hand, Dweck argues that fixed mindsets just need
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