Brainstorming Chapter 4 Summary

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Chapter four from Writing and Revising talks about strategies for generating ideas. Some of these ideas include brainstorming, freewriting, seeking motives, and even brainstorming with a group. Brainstorming with a group works much like brainstorming alone. When you brainstorm alone you start with an idea or a phrase and then proceed to write down anything you could possibly think of that goes with that idea or phrase; however, brainstorming with a group allows you to compare and contrast your ideas with a group of people. This group activity will allow you to see how others brainstorm their ideas and could help you with your next assignment. Freewriting is another strategy for generating ideas. When using freewriting as a way to generate ideas…show more content…
Using consistent characters allows the reader to flow from one character to the next in an enjoyable manner. You want to show what the character does or how they are described without adding anything confusing in between. This also allows an easy transition from one idea to the next. This chapter also talks about how writers who are beginners tend to use big words to show what they have learned; however, experienced writers don’t do that. Experienced writers use humble pronouns and pointers that generate a more powerful effect by building stronger but shorter paragraphs. Using conjunctions and other linking words is another way to enhance the flow of a sentence. Conjunctions are used to show the relationship between words or phrases and allows the writer to join sentences that are more precise and easy to…show more content…
Comma’s allow the reader to read and follow a longer and more complicated sentence without having to strain on the description. There are several rules when using commas such as not putting them between a subject and a verb or using a comma splice to join short sentences. Parentheses allow you to insert ideas or material without confusing the reader. They can also be used for citations or references when quoting a book. Parentheses can also be used when adding a reference pointing the reader to a diagram or figure located in a
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