Brainwashing In Brave New World

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Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World incorporates the political ploy of brainwashing and uses it to promote the common belief. While the term “brainwashing” was coined during the Cold War era, it still carries heavy implications and often suggests harsh techniques. Subsequently, brainwashing can be seen as ridding a person of their own ideology and replacing it with a more suitable collection of thoughts. Through techniques of mass education, thought control, and depravation of critical judgment, the World Controllers in the Brave New World are brainwashing their citizens and creating a perpetual state of dependency and confusion, serving as a warning for modern civilizations.
The premature mass education of children exposes them to a predetermined ideology and imprisons them to the immoral laws of society. Huxley illustrates this by describing the Brave New World’s process of hypnopaedia, a sleep-invoked teaching method. While this meets the Central Intelligence Agency’s criteria of brainwashing, “mass education,” it goes beyond the bare minimal definition (United States 3). Hypnopaedia takes advantage of the naïve and influenceable mind of young children. By teaching children phrases such as, “I’m really awfully glad I’m a Beta” and “Gammas are stupid,” World Controllers are establishing what they consider the correct social hierarchy (Huxley 27). This restricts the individual citizen’s ability to establish their own beliefs and feelings toward other people. When combined with
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