Brainwashing Youth : How Advertising Influences Children On Gender Images

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Brainwashing Youth: How Advertising Influences Children on Gender Images

For advertising companies, the topic of advertising to children is one that is very controversial and could lead to a lot of debate on whether it is even ethical to do so. None the less advertisements continue to be aired and targeted towards a particularly vulnerable group: children. At a young age it is a critical time for children. They are not only developing their mental and physical capabilities, but they are also developing their outlook on themselves and their own gender self-identity. An untruthful and dangerous influence known as advertising could hinder and hurt a children’s own perception of gender. Advertising plays an important role in educating children and influences them greatly. In Sut Jhally’s “Image-based Culture: Advertising and Popular Culture” he argues that advertising represses thinking and reasoning and favours feelings. In a perfect world information would be told in an accurate and truthful matter. Unfortunately, in reality this isn’t always the case. You are not born a male or a female, gender is not decided at birth but rather something that individual must decide for themselves. In Lynda Willer’s “Warning: Welcome to your World Baby, Gender message enclosed” Karyn warns that a person’s sex role is decided in the very first seconds of their lives from their family’s influence. A child’s identity as a male or a female is decided through their parents and many other
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