Brainwave Meridian Therapy : All N One Energy Therapy

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Brainwave-Meridian Therapy - All-N-One Energy Therapy - Overview: [Read with peaceful, positive and convincing tone] Brainwave-Meridian Therapy (BMT), also called All-In-One Energy Therapy (AET), was invented by Dr. Jason Liu, MD/PhD, a certified alternative medicine practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist, oriental energy healing master, neuroscientist, composer of brainwave sound and five elements energy healing music. BMT or AET, is an integrative East-West Energy Healing art that combines multiple energy healing techniques including brainwave therapy, energy music therapy, Qigong, meditation, hypnotherapy, spiritual and psychological healing, personal grow consulting, relation and communication healing, to help improve chronic…show more content…
Principle & How BMT Works: [Read with hypnosis tone and suggestive vibration while you imagine how the universe, body, mind and spirit are functioning.] The universe is created from energy. And the human being is also made from energy. From the creator’s great compassion, wisdom and powerful divine spirit and the extremely high density energy origin, to the utmost invisible minuscule, then to the finest particles, microscopic particles, such as quark, neutrinos, photons, nucleus, protons, electrons, atoms, molecules, to all levels of matters and lives, air, water, plants, earth, sun, solar system, milky way of galaxy, our local group of galaxy, and more and more countless number of planets, stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, super clusters, making up the vastest of the vast universe - all these are mobilizing, spinning and operating at all levels constantly by following the creator’s precisely-designed mechanisms (the universal law) and along with their pathways, obits, principles, rules, and procedures. All stars and planets are spinning all the time constantly and never stopped, it is the way the universe is alive. Similarly, human’s body, mind, and spirit also have all different energy forms at
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