Bram Stoker : Father Of All Vampires

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Eric Ruiz
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Bram Stoker: Father of All Vampires There are a lot of new horror movies coming soon to theatres this 2017, and they have tons of hype building up from people all over the world. There was also a recent social media phenomenon that took place where random people would roam the streets in the dark, dressed as evil clowns, only to terrify and spook the public. The popularity of the horror genre is only increasing and advancing as the years go by, but who were the founders of this beloved genre? The start of our today’s evolving horror genre could have possibly began back to where time was not yet recorded, and stories were passed on orally. The rush of fear that horror stories bring to us is a feeling
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A large chapter of Bram’s childhood took place in his bed, where he had a bell to ring his mother’s attention. But as more siblings joined the family, his mother’s attention was forced to be divided. During those first seven years of his life, he heavily depended on his mother’s company. Bram’s mother would tell young Bram scary folklore tales of gothic Ireland. Ireland of the 1850’s was full of superstitious creatures and folk legends, and Bram’s mother knew them all. Many experts from today claim that this period of time in Bram’s life shaped the foundation of all imagination for his future gothic literature. Bram Stoker was introduced to scary stories early, and consistently while growing up in his household isolated in his bed from the outside (Whitelaw,12). In 1864, Stoker had enrolled at the University of Dublin at age 17. He attended the sole constituency of the university, Trinity College. Although Stoker was less experienced with athletics due to his unknown illness, he still managed to play many sports at his college. His physical skills earned him an award as athlete of the year (Whitelaw, 16). Many experts believe his athletics inspired the development of his character’s physique. Bram studied philosophy, drama, debating, and mathematics. He graduated with honor at Trinity College with a mathematics degree in 1870. Shortly after, he was hired as a civil servant at the Dublin Castle, which was
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