Bram Stoker's Novel Dracula

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Bram Stokers’ novel Dracula is an intriguing novel, which puts forth many ideas to contemplate. Gender roles and the status of women in society are two values immensely evident throughout the novel. The novel is based in the 1800s, a time in history when a new uprising in feminine attitudes and ides was emerging. These new women directly opposed the gender role of women during the Victorian era. Although this change was unfavourable and opposed, it went ahead and forever changed feminine ideas in society. Stoker uses Lucy, Mina and the three vampire women to portray the changes in society.

Women in the 1800s were stereotyped and confined to specific roles in society, however it all changed. The 1800s in Victorian England, created an environment, which encouraged stereotypes, aimed at women in which they were required to stay at home and be ‘The Angels of the House.’ Women were not only constricted to very narrow gender roles where they are expected to be mothers, pure, naïve and dependant on their husbands. Jobs such as teaching and nursing were seen as women jobs only and these were the only jobs women should do. However, the Industrial Revolution helped open a new era for women in society and this allowed women to feel the need to stand up for their rights and challenge the stereotypes of the society. Lucy Westenra is a typical young, beautiful girl whose main aim is to marry and do what is accepted in society as a wife. She is seen as a marginal figure whose
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