Essay on Branched Chain Amino Acids On Sports Performance

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With sportsmen seeking alternatives to illegal and unsafe performance enhancing drugs, “ergogenic aids” have come to their rescue. Ergogenic aids are supplements that enhance the performance of athletes by improving their speed, strength and agility. A number of natural products are marketed as ergogenic aids, which have found a ready market among sportspersons. Their biggest advantage is that they are legal, apart from being safe and effective. Examples of such aids include branched chain amino acids, creatine, medium chain triglycerides, pyruvates and vitamins.
I. What are Branched chain amino acids?
Branched chain amino acids (BCAA) are amino
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Oxidation of these amino acids occurs in skeletal muscles. Though BCAAs are not used as a source of energy in the body under normal conditions, they do contribute to energy generation during heavy and strenuous exercise. The subsequent breakdown of these amino acids for energy generation during heavy exercise leads to muscle damage and tear. Therefore, restoring them with the help of protein supplements is extremely necessary to make up for the loss of proteins.
IV. Effect on athletic performance Innumerable studies have investigated the effects of BCAAs on the performance of athletes. Studies and clinical trials have investigated their potential role in decreasing fatigue, improving physical performance, increasing strength and affecting cognitive abilities. A few of the most significant studies are discussed here. While BCAAs have been found to be of help in enhancing sports performance, there is lack of sufficient evidence from clinical trials. Therefore, while the intake of BCAAs has been proved to be of help in some cases, their overall benefit in enhancement of sports performance is still debated and needs strong evidence.
Reduction of fatigue
BCAAs are reported to reduce central fatigue
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