Branches Of Government And What They Do

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3 Branches Research Paper
In this paper I’m going to explain to you the branches of government and what they do and how they function.
To begin, The Separation of powers plays a role in the branches of government in which it helps it run smoothly, no one gets too much of power, and everyone is responsible for their job. Now I’ll start with the legislative branch. The legislative branch is the branch of government that has the power to make the laws, it is also made up of two houses, the Senate, which are made of a hundred people, two from each state, and they also they to be at least thirty years old, and House of Representatives. The senate must also be a citizen for six years, a citizen for nine, and they have to live in the state her or she represents. The laws they make are written and voted for in congress. They also set apart the funds from the government. The House of representatives is another huge role, they are made up of four hundred and thirty-five member and at least one of those are from each state. They are also elected by the people. They have to be at least twenty-five years old, be a citizen for seven years, and they serve a two year term. Now I’ll explain they wat the legislative branch checks other branches. The way the legislative branch checks other branches is if they receive enough votes, the legislative branch can overrule the executive branches veto, and that bill will become a law. After that law is set, the people will test it through the court
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