Branches of Philosophy: Epistemology, Metaphysics and Ethics

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Philosophy is the careful study if the states of, validity, existence, and conduct. It comes from the Greek word, philosophia, which translates into “the love of wisdom”. Philosophy encompasses a vast range of topics and ever person, place, thing, and idea has its roots embedded in it. For the purpose of this paper, I will be only covering the branches of epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics. These branches serve as the building blocks for studying and teaching philosophy. While examining these building blocks, I will argue why philosophy should be studied. Everything I know was told to me by someone else and that person was also told everything that she or she knows by someone else. However, the question is how much of what I know is…show more content…
The skewing can come from a variety of sources, such as someone telling a “little white lie”, someone not being able to recall details of the event, or having a personal biased that needs to be protected. This created an enigma for because I do not know whether to believe or disbelieve. How do know that this it not a “blood and circus” routine that is designed to entertain me and keep me from find out the truth about something else that would be more value to me if I only had knowledge of it? The only thing that I can be certain of is that there are three sides to a story: his side, her side, and the truth. I also cannot say with certainty that if there is an omission in the person’s story that it is intentional nor unintentional. Epistemology questions the black and white areas of what is to be accepted as the truth as well as the fuzzy grey areas that are not necessarily know. This makes me wonder about how I know that this person, who is telling me the story about an event, actually exists or is it that my mind is playing tricks on me. Not knowing whether or not the voice that I hear is really a real person or a phantom echo in my head is an unnerving concept. Yet, it is one of the points that metaphysics covers. However, my major calls this concept, the science of the mind or simply put psychology. While being very similar in definition to psychology, metaphysics goes beyond the scientific terminology to
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