Branches of Philosophy

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Branches of Philosophy
Kenney Starr
American Intercontinental University


The different branches of philosophy are broken down into six different categories. These different categories answer the many questions that we as individuals ask as we go through the journey of life. Although these questions are sometimes complicated and at many times are very difficult to answer at some time we come up with an answer. Even though the answer is not what we would expect it is the answer that best fulfils our inner thought process that is closely linked to the different aspects of philosophy. An aspect that we all encounter throughout life is an important one as
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If an individual can understand and encompass this branch of philosophy that individual could live a full and prosperous life as he has done not only the right thing he has done right by everyone around him. This would probably be the most important as it involves doing right which is closely related to religion the base of all of our lives. Each and every day I encounter the different aspects of what is ethics. I work in a environment as I am a manager of a restaurant and I often have to make decisions about what is right and what is wrong as I manage a crew
Of people who have rights and want to be treated fairly. Although the company that I work for is a very unfair company, and require us to take hour breaks that are interrupted. Although I have to follow the mandatory rules of the company I believe that this is wrong and it is not ethical. As I know that it is wrong I have to follow these rules although I disagree I often go along as I do not want to lose my job because I have a family. This branch of philosophy is encountered by ever individual each and every day of our lives the big question remains what do you do? The fourth branch which is Aesthetics is an interesting one as it encompasses the aspect of beauty. This is a good one as many individuals would consider themselves to be beautiful is it true that beauties is in the eye of the beholder, and if so
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