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Date: 5 June 2015

Name: MT
Course: MKT 571
Instructor: John Hawes

SIMULATION TITLE: Product Life Cycle

SIMULATION DESCRIPTION: Holden Evan is creating its own brand of hot sauce, Burnin\ ' Rock, using exotic peppers sourced through fair trade. As product brand manager, your task is to successfully introduce the new product into the marketplace, and manage the brand through the product life cycle.

You earned 100 percent.


You chose to place Burnin\ ' Rock in health food store chains and the organic food sections of supermarkets. This was the best choice for reaching your target demographic.

You chose to use the best ingredients. This was the best choice, since it was consistent with the product
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What would be a reasonable figure?

You chose
$6 million

Adjusting Promotion

Now that you are in the growth stage, how should you adjust the amount of your budget for promotion, compared to the launch year?

You chose
Keep promotion spending the same

Adjusting Prices

The CMO is pleased so far and wants to know how you plan to adjust prices in response to growth.

You chose
Keep prices the same

Sustaining Growth

Now it\ 's year three. The CEO wants to know your plan for sustaining market growth.

You chose
Create new lines of the product, such as different flavors and different degrees of heat.


The CMO is pleased. \"You\ 've achieved sales of $32 million a year, with profits of $9 million a year. Great job! You\ 'll be getting a big bonus this year.\"


It\ 's five years later, and sales have reached a plateau. The product is clearly in the maturity stage. What should you do to increase sales?

You chose
Modify the market by finding new users for the product.

Maintaining Sales

Burnin\ ' Rock has reached maturity. Sales growth is slowing down. Competitors are numerous and have introduced products that are better, or cheaper, or more aggressively marketed. What will you do to keep sales up?

You chose
Find alternative markets and new customer uses for Burnin\ ' Rock.

Alternative Uses

After some market

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