Brand Audit of Pepsi

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[pic] BZU, BAHADUR SUB-CAMPUS LAYYAH DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MBA 2009-12, SEMESTER 6 FINAL TERM REPORT BRAND MANAGEMENT BRAND AUDIT OF LUX SUBMITTED TO: Mr. RASHID SAEED STUDENT GROUP AKHTAR HUSSAIN CHUGHTAI (MB-09-22) SANIA FAROOQ (MB-09-07) MUHAMMAD IHSAN UL HAQ (MB-09-02) ADNAN ASLAM KHAN (MB-09-28) April 30, 2012 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We would like to thanks Mr. Rashid Saeed for assigning such an interesting project which has really explored our real talent…show more content…
Subsequently LUX soap has been marketed in several forms, including hand wash, shower gel and cream bath soap. OWNERSHIP: Unilever is one of the world’s largest and leading multinational companies; Unilever commenced their business activities on a larger scale by setting up their first factory in Netherlands, in the year of 1872. . 90% people are using the products of unilever in Pakistan. Unilever is providing different types of products in this way : • Personal Wash: Lux, Lifebuoy, Liril, Hamam, Breeze, Dove, Pears, Rexona • Laundry: Surf excel, Rin, Wheel • Skin care: Fair and Lovely, Ponds, Vaseline, Aviance • Oral care: Pepsodent, Close up • Deodorants: Axe, Rexona • Colour cosmetics: Lakme • Ayurvedic personal and health care: Ayush TARGET CUSTOMERS Urban and sub urban middle class, and rural poor people are the largest part of Pakistan population. A research carried out by Unilever Pakistan reveals that urban rich people are more likely to buy imported and expensive products. Moreover rural poor people tend to buy cheap products even without evaluating its quality. However urban and sub urban upper middle and middle class people tend to buy affordable and quality products. LUX is not a highly expensive but an affordable product. That is why the company targets urban and sub urban upper middle and middle class people who are the second highest population of segment of the

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