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Nestle 's Brand Management Strategies ------------------------------------------------- Abstract: The case discusses Nestle 's brand management strategies in detail. Nestle 's brand portfolio consisted of worldwide corporate strategic brands, strategic worldwide product brands, regional strategic brands and local brands. The case also explains how Nestle was successful in developing Kit Kat from a multi-local brand to a European brand and finally a global brand. | ------------------------------------------------- Issues: » Brand management strategies of a large consumer foods company with a global presence and a large portfolio of brands. Nestle is a brand in its own right. For consumers, relevance of Nestle as a company comes…show more content…
The company added many new products. In its effort to expand its operations further, Nestle merged or acquired several companies. In 1947, Nestle expanded into culinary products by merging with Alimentana, a Swiss company that produced and sold Maggi soups, spices and other food products in many countries... ------------------------------------------------- Excerpts ------------------------------------------------- Nestle 's Branding Strategy The Nestle brand itself had played a key role in the company 's globalization efforts. In 1996, about 40% of the total revenues were generated from products covered by the Nestle corporate brand. Nestle 's logo was an important part of the company 's corporate identity. The 'nest ' was a graphic translation of Henri Nestle 's name, which meant "little nest."... ------------------------------------------------- Internationalizing the "Kit Kat" Brand When Nestle acquired Rowntree 's brands in 1988, the major challenge before the company was managing them. Rowntree had a "one product, one brand" policy. The brands Kit Kat, After Eights, Smarties and Rolo were marketed with no mention of Rowntree. Rowntree 's brands were not strongly managed European brands. Before the 1980s, 'country managers ' outside the UK in several European countries managed Rowntree 's business. They were free to run their units provided business objectives were met. The

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