Brand Communication Operation : Unilever's Dove Brand

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Introduction (to the brand and the case)
Unilever 's Dove brand began to abandon the principles of marketing fashion and beauty industry has long been in compliance with the selling beautiful dreams to deliberately collapse standardized interpretation of the beautiful position launched a major global explore the beauty of women 's reinterpretation. This unique brand communication operation has achieved unprecedented success. In the spring of 2004 after the start of the "real America Action" (Real Beauty Campaign) spread offensive launched Dove product line sales grew 40 percent full. It sets off a global ten of millions of women for beauty itself diversified, internal dialogue and thinking, strengthen the confidence of ordinary women beautiful. But also accurately conveys Dove Ti Women 's Health Initiative, intrinsic and natural beauty brand philosophy. While the fashion world will laugh at Dove 's campaign is "prepared for the fat girl and ugly girl brand", there are some who question the opinions sponsored by beauty brand with a number of beautiful interpretations of hypocrisy, motives taste. But at least from the perspective of brand communications, this is a classic case of a significant breakthrough. For nearly 50 years, Unilever 's Dove is the most valuable female beauty brands. It is the only brand with a global Unilever unified image and for promotion of unity. It has long been the brand by generating the appropriate concepts and marketing strategies on the basis of

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