Brand Communication Strategy

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Brand Communication Strategy 1st Lecture: The Ceo promotes the brand to the stakeholders: part of the brand communication strategy. Corporate social responsibility: all about ethics. Principles of Marketing (Kotler, Amstrong). Assignments: Google turns to you, how to develop brand communication strategy into the Chinese market? Market research Situational analysis Recommendations Based the strategy under the conclusion of the market research * Operational marketing 1. Study and understand the market 2. Craft a marketing strategy and plan 3. Develop operational marketing 4. Evaluate returns Managerial project: What a company wants to do Market study project: What a company needs to know We…show more content…
The age of distribution of the internet users is 20-24, under 29 and they earn 1000$ and less a month. Activity: use internet for communication (88%), e commerce (62%). Baidi, principal competitors of Google, Baidi has the same signification as google, hundreds of times. Give a go at baidu, you ll know right away. They’re selling the right think as google. 45% of the market share are owned by Baidu and 30% by google. In terms of growth of sales, Baidu is going faster, Strategic advantage: Differentiation Overall cost leadership Focus Redefinition of the field, creating their own system of exploitation with android where people can contribute themselves. 2004, google went public, they did an initial public offers (IPO). They sales at an auction that the highest bid was 201,60 dollars to end up at an average market capitalisation 41 billion of dollar (4 times the price of shares of yahoo). 12% of the shares are owned by three people, google insiders and founders. For the majority of the shareholders there are no voting rights, for the others there is one vote per share and for the 3 persons it is 10 votes per share the majority of the voting power instead of 44% for the majority of the shares owners. They have no power in the company. 11 members of the board of directors, 11 seats, they just need one vote to be on the board so the board is always the same. Let’s compare with Baidu, they’re focusing on local target with a
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