Brand Community Strategies for Creating Value for Customers

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Brand Community Strategies for Creating
Value for Customers

A brand community consists of a group of customers who share similar values, standards and culture while recognizing bonds of membership with each other and with the whole community.

Benefits of deploying a brand community systems include customer brand loyalty, positive brand image, reduced marketing spend (since brand message is passed on through WOM within the community), innovative products and services, and the likes.

But to sustain these intertwining relationships, the organization or brand should be perceived as adding genuine value to members of the customer community. For this in turn will tend to initiate the creation, delivery and exchange of value between
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Brand Community Strategies for Creating
Value for Customers (Pt. 2)

Impression management: this involves the external management of the image of the brand beyond the brand community. Here, members of the brand community become ambassadors of the brand wherever they go whether online or offline – they spread the message of the brand/brand community via word of mouth (and eWOM through the social media networks – twitter, facebook, and other web-based brand activations.

Impression management practices include a. Evangelising b. Justifying.

In evangelising, members of the community become ‘’preachers’’ spreading the message of the brand as far as their wings of influence can reach, online and offline that is. Justifying – members express and defend their devotion and commitment to the brand while demonstrating their solidarity with the brand/brand community.

Community engagement: this is a set of processes that ensures that the brand community actively and emotionally engage with members. The brand levels with the members of the community by seeking ways of stimulating interactions between and among them. And oftentimes fuel healthy competition and collaborations within the community.

For example Peugeot launched a
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