Brand Consciousness in Pakistan

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Shopping is loved by a large number of people throughout the world. For the shopaholics it is an experience rather than an errand, an event rather than a chore. The stereotype of shoppers today is that of brand obsessed, label-driven compulsive shoppers. The brand conscious shoppers are the ones likely to buy products made by certain renowned companies.
A decade ago M.M.Alam road had a few shops and restaurants but today it has turned into a hub of fashion and brands. HSY, Gucci, Caanchi and Lugari, Levis, Hajra Hayat, you name the brand and its available there. The increasing likeness and preference for particular brand can be especially seen in the purchase of clothes, accessories and perfumes. This development also depicts the change in
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Media has taught fashion sense especially to the youth which is why they usually like to shop from trendy outlets be it eastern or western clothes. Kanza Malik, a thirty-year old married lady says,”I mostly shop at Décor and Origins. The clothes are really pretty and in accordance with the latest trends. Quality isn’t bad. But most importantly I can satisfy my urge to look good wearing a designer outfit. We are a middle class family and although I’d love to wear Nomi Ansari or HSY, I cannot afford to do that. But these less expensive brands suit me the best.
The third category of brands is the luxury brands. Luxury brands include Gucci, Armani, prada , channel, dolce and gabbana etc . caanchi and lugari , peace mart ,, wardrobe, men’s store, and Wilson on the M.M>Alam road all satisfy the needs of people desiring luxury brands. Ameer ali , the store manager of caanchi and lugari told us “ our clientele is the elite. People belonging to business class and high salary persons buy our stuff. Apart from this many politicians also like to shop here.” Ameer adds “we also receive some customers who save money to buy an item from a luxury store and buying it is their ultimate achievement.” When asked whether their should be such luxury stores he repilied “ofcourse if there aren’t such brands available here the elite will go abroad for
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