Brand Development Plan - Cathay Pacific

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1. Company Background Cathy Pacific Airways was founded in 1946, it is an international airline based in Hong Kong, offering scheduled cargo and passenger services to over 170 destinations around the world. The company is the industry 's one of the few 5-Star Airline and be awarded the World’s Best Airline over years. It vision is to make the airline the most admired in the world, ensuring safety comes first; deliver service straight from the heart; provide outstanding product and service; produce superior financial returns and fulfillment corporate responsibility. 2. About the New Brand International Air Transport Association estimates the number of people flying in Asia will rise by 360 million to one billion in 2014. The…show more content…
Based on above reasons, the budget market in Hong Kong has great potential. With the Asian economic growth, the position of travel hub will also play a more important role. The new brand could cannibalize Cathay Pacific 's existing customer base, but the new carriers may also boost travel rather than just luring passengers from Cathay. As the whole market expands, the benefits will more than loss that is win-win situation. 4. Customer-Based Brand Equity Customer-based brand equity (CBBE) approaches brand equity from the perspective of consumer, helps marketers to comprehend the needs and wants of consumers and inventing products and programs to satisfy them, see figure 3.1 (Keller, 2008). Following will discuss how to apply CBBE model in Wonder Air. Salience A highly salient brand is one that has both depth and breadth of brand awareness (Keller, 2008). Wonder Air is low-cost carrier and focused to offer low fares, it is first consideration for people who are looking for budget travel, and the airline should strength the routes network. Wonder Air can also use parent brand resource to build the brand awareness, such that provide the travel package and selling by Cathay’s own travel agency. It can help create trust and positive image with customer, as well as let them linkage the new brand and Cathay. Because the Cathay is a successful brand and ranked in the world’s
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