Brand Differentiators : A Brand Differentiator

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1. a. Brand Differentiators: A key brand differentiator for LEGO is their themed LEGO playset series. This differentiator is a feature type as each set series is uniquely sub branded to highlight the theme of that series to the characteristics of the feature it is highlighting. (LEGO, 2016) For example, LEGO Architecture series is a branded series of miniature LEGO pieces that are themed around real-life scale structures, like the Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty. That feature is geared towards a more mature demographic with an engineering focus. Similarly, LEGO Marvel Superheroes sets are focused on the various Marvel comic book characters. This brand feature not only leverages LEGO’s brand, but also Marvel, which locks in those two features as a key differentiator to any competitor’s offering. In other words, to get Marvel Hero type building block sets, consumers must go to LEGO not MegaBloks to get the chosen experience. This type of brand strategy is what makes the LEGO themed sets a key brand differentiator for their business.
b. i. LEGO’s master brand is their building block sets. Prior to their brand differentiation, LEGO blocks were comprised of generic shapes of common building features: Walls, doors, windows, floor platforms, etc. With branding the sets as theme features, LEGO is able to lend its master brand credibility to feature sub brand and

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