Brand Extension Marketing Plan

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Jennifer L. Scott GB 530: Marketing Management
December 4, 2012

Brand Extension Marketing Plan for Snyder’s-Lance Inc.
1. Executive Summary
The following marketing plan forms the basis for the introduction of an innovative new product by Snyder’s-Lance Inc. This analysis allows me to outline the best strategies to follow for the achievement of the company’s strategic goals. “Pretzel Abobodas” will be marketed as a unique flavored pretzel that targets the Hispanic consumer, while striving to reinforce the company’s focus on wanting to penetrate the Hispanic market. The marketing strategies will hopefully enable our company to
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Although we do have a little bit of presence in these markets, there is not a single item flavor wise that is targeted for this market.

2.1.1 Market Demographics
The geographic target area that I am choosing is the Houston Hispanic Market Area, San Antonio Area, Corpus Christi, and a few more highly populated Hispanic areas.

The demographic profile of my target market is going to be Hispanic Family Households with children 18 years and under
Behavioral Factors * Hispanics constitute one of the fastest-growing racial/ethnic groups in the United States * Family Gathers are traditional for birthday, holidays, weekends, etc. * Hispanics, African Americans and Asians consume more beer than any other race which is a great tie in with pretzels

2.1.2 Market Needs
The product will cater to both Physiological needs (nutritional value) and Social needs (perception of a social, healthy snack) and strive to provide the following benefits to Hispanic Consumers:

* Healthy Snacking Alternative for Parties and family gatherings. * Price * Top Brand Product * Items that will last stretch in the household * Great tasting product

2.1.3 Market Trends
The current trends include a shift away from junk foods, a growing interest in healthier/beneficial products, and the trend for personalization through customization or seeking in a wide
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