Brand Image And Positioning Of AWC

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1. Executive Summary

This integrated marketing communications plan is to help creates a brand image and positioning for AWC. AWC is coming out with new ranges of products and want to promote it to the customers. By listing out the SWOT analysis and competitor analysis, AWC will be able to have a clearer view of how they are going to place themselves differently to customers. Not only this, IMC plan serves as a purpose to study brand positioning and image of AWC, assisting in the upcoming launch of new products that AWC are planning to release to Singapore market.

2. Environmental Scanning
2.1 Introduction

AWC is a Swiss brand that manufacture watches. It has released product of exquisite timepiece and a range of new products will be launching
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It definitely has vast opportunity to attract middle and lower segments of society which will bring in more customers to have a collection of the watches and also it will helps to improve the sales.

To manufacture these watches, it has high manufacturing cost due to the material used and has counterfeit products. 2.4 Competitor Analysis

The two major competitor that AWC faces is Omega and Cartier. With a leading sales of 2,200 million for Cartier and 1,950 million for Omega, making a difference of around 1,320 million comparing it to AWC.

Omega and Cartier is also luxury Swiss brand which fight neck to neck with AWC. Having a well-known history, and a good brand image positioned in customer’s mind. They not only selling timepieces to customers, and also ensure the customer will still continue to be loyal to them and come back to buy again by offering exclusive membership. This could become a competitive advantage over AWC.

2.5 Statement of Problems

There are some of the problems that AWC Company is currently facing:
1) Intense competition
2) Lack of awareness
3) Branding and positioning
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AWC will be advertising in newspaper, magazines, online and in outdoor media. Customers will be able to find it in newspapers such as Wall Street Journal, and in many sports and luxury lifestyle magazines. Without advertising, customers will not get constant reminder of who they are, or having any new promotions or newer products launch.

5. Proposed evaluation and control

Just by looking at the IMC plan and see if it will successfully attracts customers or if any other competitors have fight over you with their plans. However, there are some ways to determine if successful or unsuccessful the IMC plan is:
1) Surveys and feedbacks

Surveys can be conducted before companies carries out with the plan. It is useful to be able to understand what customer actually wants, their concerns and most importantly, how much are they willing to pay for it. Feedback is mostly done after the plan as companies can determine if they did accordingly to what the customer wants and needs, and how many of them actually like or dislike it.

2) Increase in market

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