Brand Inventory Of The Company

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Section One: Brand Inventory
Duracell is a globally successful fast moving consumer goods company that, according to BrandGuide, is the market leader with excellent brand recognition. Duracell manufactures a vast amount of batteries and other products. Duracell is known today for being dependable and making long lasting batteries.
Company Information
Duracell has been innovating in the battery industry since day one. Duracell was the first to create the mercury cell battery that was in many ways superior to the zinc carbon batteries. Originally Duracell was called The Mallory Battery company after P.R. Mallory who partnered with Samuel Ruben in the 1920’s. (Duracell Batteries). Mallory Battery Company was renamed in 1964.
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These are category extensions because they help Duracell reach more consumers than they would with just battery sales. Duracell is applying their brand equity and name to these new products to help them sell. If consumers have responded well to previous products from the brand they are more likely to give new categories a try as well. Line extensions for Duracell would be the hearing aid batteries and the alkaline batteries. These are line extensions because they branch from the battery category.
Brand Elements Inventory Name - The name Duracell is a combination of durable and cell. So named by reason of it being an increased durable cell battery than what had previously been developed. This name is memorable and creates an identity for the brand due to its uniqueness. When broken down it explains what the brand manufactures. This brand name is fairly protectable considering it is a combination of two words. In addition, since the brand is so well established it is protectable. It is also meaningful because the name implies that the technology and development of the product is durable. The name could be adaptable because the brand could maintain the dura- part of the name and change it to fit the product, if desired.
URL –The URL,, directly corresponds with the brand name and the home page is the first result when using an internet search engine e, making it memorable and easy to find. Color choices on the
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