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By definition, a brand is a trademark or goods of a particular make, a mark of identification made with a hot iron and an offering from a known source. A brand is a term, sign, symbol or design or a combination of them that helps consumers identify the goods and services of one seller and helps them differentiate them from those of competitors. A brand involves companies addressing customers needs by creating a value proposition and a set of benefits that satisfy those needs as well as an intangible value propostion through offering a combination of products, services, information and experiences. In order for a brand to be established as a brand it needs to obtain a name, visual identity, product/service/offering, and a USP. Nando’s
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Nandos brand judgements will be favourable regarding their quality, credibility and superiority evaluations. They are superior in relation to most of their competitors who specialise in chicken such as KFC and Chicken Lickin. Their food is prepared in a clean environment as their outlets are restaurants and not really fast food places where the kitchens could possibly be dirty. They have gained credit and value for their original peri-peri sauce recipe which attracts many consumers and adds to their superiority. The quality of their food is superb and their chicken is highly rated. Nandos employees are also very friendly which contributes to a quality experience. They achieved great credibility through: their on-going effective marketing, friendly and fast service in all 1200 restaurants globally, good quality food at reasonable prices, original peri-peri sauce bottled, a firm celebrity base ( the Beckhams) and community involvement ( maleria nets).
They need to focus on brand feelings which relates to customers emotional responses and reactions to the brand. When people think of Nandos they immediately think of digging into a delicious chicken meal with a basting of their choice along with the authentic peri-peri sauce which brings comfort and allows them to feel warmth within. When they think of the friendly service delivered as they purchase/receive their food, it makes them feel excited to go to Nandos and be in a warm, comfortable internal atmosphere. All in all, Nandos makes customers feel valued and brings out excitement in

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