Brand Management

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Case Study Answers: 1. Brands they use a) Think about the life stories of our three informants and the quotes regarding the brands they use .Is it appropriate to say that these consumers have formed relationships with the brands they know and use? In what ways yes, in what ways no? Answer: Jean: She has formed relationships with the following brands: a. Revere Ware: Best stainless steel pot she has ever bought because the spaghetti sauce she cooks doesn’t burn in it and stick to the bottom; she bought one for her daughter too. b. Pastene Tomatoes: The best “Kitchen Ready” canned tomatoes she has ever used because they taste the best; the tomatoes are perfect, nice and ripe. c. Philip Berio: It is the best because it…show more content…
b. Success Rice: It is the only kind of rice Karen prefers as it serves the purpose of a quick meal (it is ready in 5 minutes) and fits into Karen’s hectic schedule. c. Mary Kay: The brand is responsible for how her skin looks (young); she has deep feelings for the brand and over time she appreciated the product more and went onto depend on the brand. d. Dove: One-Quarter Cleansing soap; she has a positive frame of mind for the soap and doesn’t mind buying it even when it is more expensive than other soaps. e. Gatorade: The use of the brand started with Karen’s children; slowly she began using it herself (after her workout) and now she is very loyal to the brand. f. Reebok: She uses shoes to do her daily running routine in the morning; she is very emotional about the brand as she goes through so much wearing those shoes. g. Coke: Despite their being a healthier variant in the form of Diet Coke Karen prefers the original coke as she is a big fan of the brand and is fit enough to drink those extra calories and not be worried about weight gain. She has not formed relationships with the following brands: a. Ajax: She hates the brand and prefers Comet over it. b. Apple: She feels she is definitely not an Apple enthusiast. c. Estee Lauder: She uses the brand but doesn’t have affinity
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