Brand Management: Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton

Brand Audit: Paris Hilton

A Brand Inventory
She is famous for her party life, the countless number of scandals she has been involved in, her growing collection of Chihuahuas including Tinkerbell and Bambi and her catchphrase “that’s hot”.

Paris Whitney Hilton (PH) the American socialite, celebrity, heiress, model, media personality, business woman, designer, singer and actress (Wikipedia. 2009).

PH was born in New York City on the 17th February in 1981. She is the oldest of four children of Richard and Kathy Hilton(Wikipedia. 2009).
Thanks to her great-grandfather Conrad Hilton, founder of the Hilton hotel chain, PH is the shared heir to a family fortune estimated at $300 million (, 2008)
PH moved between
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Today PH owns two companies with several different product lines including a line of 4 perfumes which has been and still is a big success; Paris Hilton, Just M, Heiress and Can Can. She also has a line of jewellery, which she sells through
Furthermore she has a denim and sportswear, a shoe, a handbag, a perfume, a hair extension, a jewellery, pet-accessory and sunglass line.
She has published two books: “Your Heiress Diary - Confess it all to me” and “Confessions of an Heiress” which is full of self-parodying advice to future wannabe stars, and has been a bestseller, at more than 100,000 copies and it is now on its 12th print run (Paris Hilton Just Me, 2007).
She has started her own music label, Heiress Records and in 2006 she released her first album Paris. The album flopped, but some of the singles "Stars Are Blind" & "Nothing In This World" became big hits (Paris Hilton Just Me, 2007).
She co-owns the Club Paris nightclub in Orlando, and is expected to roll out a chain of similarly branded nightspots in other cities, including Las Vegas and Miami (Paris Hilton Just Me, 2007).
She has
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