Brand Management and Plenitude Skincare Line

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L’Oreal of Paris: Bringing “Class to Mass” with Plenitude L’Oreal, a long time hair care, skincare, and cosmetic leader, was faced with a positioning problem of their Plenitude skincare line. The Plenitude line, which included cleansers and moisturizers had been a smashing success in the French skincare market following its 1982 introduction and was introduced in the U.S. market in 1988. It had grown quickly to become the #2 brand in the market, behind Oil of Olay. Plenitude was marketed as an upscale product bringing new people into mass channels from department stores. A four-year sales plateau was reached and their #2 position was lost to Pond’s. Carol Hamilton, Senior Vice President of Marketing for the L’Oreal Retail…show more content…
Acceptors of Oil of Olay found it to be light and reasonably priced where acceptors of Pond’s saw it as reliable, accessible and reasonably priced. Oil of Olay was seen as the traditional, generational brand where Pond’s brand imagery was older, down-to-earth. The Shelf Shopping Study for Plenitude revealed positive aspects that included appreciating the continual release of newer products and research and the multiple product line. The negative aspects were primarily based upon the large product line that continually offered new products creating confusion and frustration. The same study for Oil of Olay revealed the brand image to be seen as old fashioned but with long standing reliability. The brand image of Pond’s was viewed as being really heavy and “gross” and as a product for “old ladies”. The L’Oreal name is considered as a step up and as having a French twist. Often times, it is viewed as being really expensive with packaging that is chaotic and complicated. However, the extensive detail and information was considered an attribute to some customers. Based upon all of the above information they can develop their strategy. My proposals are as follows: 1. Straddle their positioning by creating a “best of both worlds” targeting young and older consumers. They need to continue marketing their Plenitude treatment products to the older consumers but also

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