Brand Manager For Topshop Is The Most Difficult Market

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TOPSHOP is mid level high street and it is possibly the most difficult market to sell products in. This is because it requires a lot of specific branding to strongly create an extremely clear consumer market. The products are neither cheap, which removes the appeal to those wanting throw away or value products, or the luxury market, which would see the items as low quality. However, if placed correctly, it creates some of the most loyal consumers there are today. Products are designed for the core customer in terms of materials, embellishments, shape, colour and style, and the business is very focused on every aspect of their customer in the way that it runs. This can include how quickly new items get added to the store and where the stores are located. Their target audience are offered a number of different styles and trends every season and the products can range from £20 – £150, with some occasional cheaper and expensive products added at specific times. Jane Shepherdson, brand manager for TOPSHOP says: 'Officially our target market is 15 to 30 year-old women, but internally we target everyone who loves fashion, regardless of age or income. ' TOPSHOP mastered the art of bringing high fashion trends to the high street and are now considered fashion establishment and TOPSHOP are the only high street fashion store to appear in London Fashion Week and are one of many to take on the ‘see now buy now’ pop up shop after the runway show. TOPSHOP have also taken some steps

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