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Brand Market Expansion: Dissertation Proposal



This research study is based on the theme of brand expansion of a luxury fashion brand called
Kenzo, which was initiated by Kenzo Takada, a famous fashion designer from Japan. The aim of this research study is to identify a new market for Kenzo for its market expansion. In this study, marketing strategies and market entry modes have to be selected for Kenzo’s expansion to those countries where the brand has not set its footprints yet. Country like New Zealand is where the popularity of Kenzo cannot be felt, maybe because of the presence of other popular fashion brands. In order to expand Kenzo to these countries, this research study is being conducted. For conducting the research
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This would be done by developing appropriate marketing strategies for brand extension. In order to follow this aim of the study, there are certain major objectives that have been considered for the study. These are stated below:

To identify the most suitable market expansion strategy for Kenzo

To identify the suitable market, where Kenzo will get maximum exposure

To plan the promotional strategies of Kenzo so as to develop the brand further in a new market Research Questions
The research questions have been developed in line with the research aim and objectives of the study. Q1: Which will be the next market that Kenzo can chose for expansion? What would be its target customers in the new market?

Q2: What are the suitable marketing strategies that Kenzo will implement for popularising their brand in the new market?

Rationale of the Study
This study will assist various other fashion houses like Kenzo to beat the competition and identify a new market for them, so that they can also have adequate market share and profit, which is totally cannibalised by the big and most popular fashion brands.

Limitation of the Study
This research study would, however, not include the existing market position of Kenzo in detail, so probably the readers would not get an idea regarding the growth and development of Kenzo from just a fashion house to a renowned brand. Kenzo is a niche, luxury brand, so in order
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