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Brand Name Clothes Would you choose a friend based solely on their name? Of course not, the idea seems absurd. Is it possible, however, that we might use such a ridiculous method when selecting the type of clothing we wear? In my opinion, many of us do. Throughout my research, I will be testing the hypothesis that college students buy more brand name clothes than generic name clothes. In colleges especially, there seems to be an emphasis on appearances, so many students have a tendency to steer clear of clothing with generic names. Do they believe that generic name clothes are of less quality? This is another question I am hoping to answer through my research. In addition, I would like to determine the accuracy of my assumption…show more content…
This part of the research process took me approximately two days, Monday, March 11th and Tuesday, March 12th. In order to get more accurate results, I randomly questioned an equal number of males and females, 10 each, from several of my classes so as to get responses from students with a variety of majors. Although they have an assortment of interests, ranging from art to biology, every student was between the ages of 19 and 24. I believe that the survey method was actually the most useful research tool because I was able to get a wide range of opinions from several different people in a relatively short amount of time. An entire list of results from this survey can be seen in Appendix A. However, there are some keys statistics that are important to note. From these results, I found that gender really has no effect on whether or not someone buys brand name clothes. The majority of both males and females, 90% and 80% respectively, responded that they do buy mostly brand name clothing over generic name clothing. Brand name clothing from stores such as American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Aeropostal were on the top of their list but a few generic names, like 9.99 Stock Room, also were included. Even though they buy more brand name clothes, only 1/2 of all males surveyed and 3/5 of all females surveyed felt that these brands were of better quality than those with generic
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