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Brand Plan template The following slides contain an overview for a brand planning process. They are not meant to cover all elements of a plan for all brands at all the different stages of their lifecycle and should be seen as a starting point. Process Overview • • • • • • • • Environmental analysis to determine the current status and position of a business in relation to its external environment and current activities Identify the critical success factors Define the product position & key messages Define the customer group Forecast sales Specify the business objectives Build an aligned activity plan Set metrics to monitor success of implementation Environmental Analysis (1) A PESTLE analysis is a useful model for understanding…show more content…
• For new brands careful consideration of the environmental analysis should be used to inform the launch position • For established brands there may be a requirement to change the positioning. The smaller the changes the better and it is best to see this as a process of evolution that will take time and resource • Template for a Positioning Statement: ‘For (target audience), (brand name) is the (frame of reference) that delivers (benefit/point of difference) because only (brand name) is (reason to believe)’. Key Messages • What are the best attributes of the brand? • What messages distinguish the brand from its competitors? • Do the messages exploit the best opportunities in the market? • There may be a lot of positive things to say about a brand but focus on the most impactful for driving sales. • In terms of delivery in sales promotion, the fewer the messages the greater the impact and the easier it will be to deliver them consistently Customers & Stakeholders • Customers (or users) are the people who will actually buy or use your brand • Stakeholders are the people who can influence customers but may not actually use the brand themselves • In order to identify customers and stakeholders it can help to map their interaction with the brand. What are the stages from identifying the need for a product/service
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