Brand Preference

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Student name: Rachel N. Nuukunde
Student number: 201030020
Lecturer: Dr. Geoffrey Nambira
Due date: 10 March 2012 at 10h00pm

Table of contents Pages 1.1 Topic of the study 3 1.2 Introduction 3 1.3 Statement of the problem
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Especially for the market as far as the present study is concerned. It will analyze what impact domestic products and imported has on brand preference. Thai is if Namibian consumers are willing to purchase imported products or domestic products. This study will also serve as source and guidance for future research, not only Namibian retailers as well as the two accompanying companies may also benefit strategically for their products. Conducting this research will also benefit me as a researcher as I will also gain some knowledge regarding ethnocentrism of Namibian dairy consumers.
1.8 Limitations
Time management would be the number one problem that will hinder the researcher from completing the study successfully. The feedback from the respondents may also be biased as they may give false information.
1.9 Delimitations
This study is only bound in Windhoek. This means consumers from other part of the country are excluded in the study. This is done to limit the time spent while conducting the study as well as the cost to e incurred.

1.10 Summarization of the articles
Article 1
Chimboza, D., & Mutandwa, E. (2007). Measuring the determinants of the preference in a dairy product market. African journal of business management, pp. 230-237.
This study was conducted in Chitungwaza and Harare urban markets in Zimbabwe as the target market. The purpose of the study was to assess the level of the brand awareness and factors
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