Brand Preference of Gym Enthusiasts on Energy Drink Products

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CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION Brand preference is one of the most important factors to consider in having a product competition in the market. Most of the company tries to use their brand image, brand name, and brand uniqueness as their competitive advantage, to make their product be on top of the list of other existing brand. Other companies also tries to use advertising that may be of higher cost but may recommend that it will catch the attention of the viewer and be the consumer of such product, especially with exaggerated advertisement. Advertising gives a variety of information about a certain product, and can be the basis on how consumers choose their preference of the brand that they will purchase. This…show more content…
* Purchasing an energy drink depends on the consumer/gym enthusiast brand preference. * Purchasing an energy drink by the gym enthusiasts is not dependent on the product’s particular brand. CONCEPTUAL / THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK RESEARCH PARADIGM The paradigm illustrates the independent and dependent variables. The independent variable is the respondent’s profile such as their age, gender, and occupation and the brand of energy drink like Cobra, Extra Joss, Samurai and Sting while the dependent variable is the brand preference of gym enthusiasts on energy drink product. Brand Preference of Gym Enthusiasts on Energy Drink Product Respondent’s Profile a. Age b. Gender c. Occupation Brand of Energy Drink a. Cobra b. Extra Joss c. Samurai d. Sting SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The study will serve as an instrument in determining the brand preference of gym enthusiasts on energy drinks. The result of the study will be of great importance to the following: Students This study will give the students information about energy drinks, the brand of energy drink the can help them in their studies and also will open their awareness about the energy drink products, They may realize that it is helpful and effective and they may figure out what brand of energy drink to buy. Consumers This study will give them information about which brand of energy drink is much preferred by gym

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