Brand Recognition Of Telcel America

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Brand Recognition

Telcel América is a wireless service from TracFone that is mainly targeted

for Hispanic consumers, primarily the Mexican community living in the United States. Telcel

has a very powerful presence in Mexico. Telcel brand is America Movil 's Mexican unit. Telcel

brand is well known among persons having strong ties to Mexico, and crossers all along the

south border states of the United States of America. TracFone introduced Telcel America as a

spin off from the original Telcel Mexico product, and created a product mix that includes service

to both United States and Mexico, with no roaming charges.

No contract, no credit check, BYOP

Telcel is positioned to be highly accessible to its target market. There is no contract

required, no credit verification, in order to acquire the service. Prepaid customers purchase a

prepaid card for a specific amount of airtime and also receive additional services such as

voicemail and caller ID. As part of its prepaid service offering Telcel is also available with the

Bring Your own Phone program, which allows the customer to keep their current phone by

purchasing a SIM card that enables their current phone to be re-activated with Telcel service.

Competitive price for unlimited talk, text & data in both countries.

Telcel offers wireless service positioned to meet the specific needs of its target market.

Telcel offers voice services under a variety of rate plans to meet the needs of…
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