Brand Traits Of Brand Personality

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Purpose Statement In today’s world with intense competition, there is an overwhelming needs for brands to develop ways to build loyalty. One way companies work to create brand loyalty is through brand personality. Brand personality “is the set of traits people attribute to a product as if were a person”. (Solomon 2013) A strong brand personality can influence consumer buying behavior and even lead to repeat business which created brand loyalty. This paper will address an overview of brand personality, how brand personality affects consumer buying behavior, and the application of brand personality in present time. Brand Personality Overview This concept was first developed in 1886, when Quakers Oats man appeared on boxes of hot cereal. Quakers during the 19th-century were known for being shrewd but fair. It also known that peddlers often dressed as members of this religious group to cash in on credibility. The cereal company decided to incorporate this image into its brand, in an attempt that its customers might make the same association. (Solomon 2013) Over the years, brands have developed recognizable and popular figures in American culture. These figures are spokes characters for long-standing brands. Successful brands that have developed spokes characters include Keebler Elves, Jolly Green Giant, and Mr. Peanut. However, these personalities receive periodical makeovers to stay current. A brands personality must be adjusted to its current environment and current
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